Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back at the Y

    As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I am back at the B-to-the-Y-to-the-U. My dad and I woke up super early on Saturday (which is never fun) and drove all day. Also not so much fun. But it was OK because I had Harry Potter to keep me company on the drive up and Harry makes everything better.
    We moved everything in without incidence and I got to meet my new roommates. Tori and Heidi are their names. They are both freshman, which is nice, but I do miss my old roommates Miyako and Loryn. I am already comfortable with living with them and they are both so nice and easy to get along with. However, don't get me wrong, my roommates are both super nice (at least so far) and it has been super fun to get to know them hear their life stories. I have come to the conclusion that I love hearing about people's backgrounds and stuff.
    My ward seemed really good, and guess what. Owen Carrol is in my ward! yay! I am super excited because I know him from high school and he is so cute and sweet. It is also nice to already know someone in the ward and not have to start from scratch.
    Also one of my roommates has a toaster! Whoa! So very exciting! I loved being back at home and using a toaster! And also one of them has a TV and a DVD player. No more watching DVDs on my laptop!
    Classes start tomorrow. Oh bummer. But I think it will be OK.
    Those are the highlights and significant/not-really-significant aspects of my journey here and my first few days.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Home, Home at Last

   I have discovered that I love being at home, especially alone. Peace and quiet makes me happy... and sane. But I love to be crazy on some occasions as well - just not always.
   It has indeed been a joy to come back and see all of my nieces and nephews again after my long absence from them! I missed them ever SO much. Play dates were the best. I also gotta spend some alone time with Mr. Lincoln twice, which I think before this week has never ever even happened before. There is always at least one other person present to steal him from me. Namely Ben, aka the Lincoln thief. So before I even left to BYU, Lincoln never even loved me much. And when he first came over to my home after I got home from my long absence, and Curtis handed him to me, he just started balling his little eyeballs out. Which of course resulted in Ben and Clark trying to steal him from me. Of course, I would not even let them though, because my goal for this being at home trip is for Mr. Lincoln to love me before I go back up in the fall. On Sunday, Curtis handed him to me and I got to watch him during all of Relief Society, which also gave me a wonderful excuse to sit out in the foyer and watch him instead of sitting the room with lots of old ladies in my ward... Also the lesson topic was super awkward. Not only that, but I got to see Tate and have a nice chat with him, which is always fun because Tate and I go way back and so it is always a pleasant experience to chat with him. I secretly worry about him too and then after I talk to him I usually worry about him less so that is good.
   Over all, these past two weeks have been sublime. I love being home. And good news, I FOUND SOMEWHERE TO LIVE FOR FALL!! yahoo!!! I had been worrying abut this somewhat because I can't just live on the streets and shower in the sprinklers.... that would just be awkward for everyone. But if that did occur then I would also be getting my exercise in for the day as well as getting clean because I would be running really really fast. But luckily I don't even need to worry about this. Yahoo!!!!
   Spending time with friends has also been sublime. Unfortunately, one of my really good friend's father died while I have been down in Mesa. I was able to attend his funeral and so many friends came to support her and her family and it was amazing that so many people cared about her that they were willing to come and support her in her time of need. The funeral was wonderful (if funerals can be considered wonderful) it was filled with love and the gospel.
   I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to come home and see everyone and spend time with many of my wonderful buds and family members.

We had a ward talent show and David and I considered entering it.
Singing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.
I would sing and dress up as the part of Aladdin.
David as Jasmine.



Wouldn't we look good?
I think so.

Friday, August 12, 2011

one of my adventures

So I am finally home so now I could Upload my pictures on my computer. The first adventure that I should blog about is.....
Sorry for the fuzziness
This is my bedroom
And this is my roommates' room
In case you cannot tell, the slightly reflective substance on the floor happens to be water....
Our rooms got flooded because it rained so hard.
We called maintanence and it took them 4 hours to come because so many other dorms flooded too.
That was a wonderful adventure

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hiking the Y, AKA becoming a BYU Student

This past Saturday a few friends and I hiked the Y
The Y happens to be that big white slab of cement behind us. 
My roommates are Loryn and Miyako.
Loryn is the one in front wearing sun glasses.
And Miyako is the Asian in the back.
Sarah is wearing the hat
David has the blue sunglasses and you can only see half his face
And I am the really tall one.
P. S. we all look really gross because we went in the middle of the day and the sun was really hot that day. Also, the hike was a lot steeper and harder than we thought, but was so worth it!
Now I am a legit BYU student. I hiked the Y!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Whirl-Wind of Emotions

    Today has been a whirl-wind of emotions, which is not the way I roll, usually. I like to have a very level emotional roller coaster, no ups and downs when it comes to my emotions, please; well I guess there can be ups, but I would prefer to have no downs (does not apply to real life roller coasters). Today seems to be full of both ups and downs; but hey, at least I got the ups!
    This morning I woke up with enough time to eat my breakfast and read my scriptures - a positive. But I woke up with too much time, I mean there is only so much one can do when getting ready in the mornings - a negative. However, I got to lay in my bed for an extra ten minutes after I was already for school - positive. I walked to school - the usual, neutral. And then I got to class - always a down. It was the last Anthropology class for the term though - up! but that means finals - negative. We reviewed what we should know for the final - an up; and we even got out of class early - another positive.
     A few hours later, it was time for my Teachings of the Living Prophets class. My last class of the term! - obviously a huge positive. That class was fairly insignificant with not really ups or downs - neutral, just the way I like it. Then I walked home from school. And almost got hit by a car (for the record, I was in the cross-walk and I had the right of way, the little white man was still up and the hand was not even blinking). I am thinking this is a positive for several reasons (1) I didn't get hit, (2) the girl that almost hit me made an apologetic gesture/face, and (3) I was slightly amused by this instance (Mom when you read this, you should tell this story to Dad to further my arguments as to why a car would come in handy in the fall). I got home - always a positive. and then I tried to pay a hundred dollar fee that I owe for some reason that does not make any sense whatsoever - could go either way, a positive because then I can finally move on in my life and have that out of the way, or a negative because I would have to spend over one hundred dollars. Well it wouldn't let me pay it because the BYU website is really stupid - my first initial reaction was negative, but now I think it is a positive. I clicked around and found out that I may possibly be able to Waver it, I am still not really sure if this actually worked though. Then I tried to get a dorm, for the one hundredth time, and I still have a hold on my account so it wouldn't let me - negative.
    Well needless to say, I was feeling pretty down on my BYU website luck, so I decided to take a break and check the mail. If you happen to recall, I blogged about a wonderful movie that I recently watched so I went online and bought it called "What's Up, Doc." Guess what. That movie was in my mailbox! - most definitely a positive. I had been worrying that it wouldn't get here until after I went home in between fall and summer semesters, and then I would have wasted 8 dollars - that definitely would have been a negative. However, it all turned out lovely/positively, and after blogging about my day, I feel like it has been a mostly positive day, where before I was thinking it was mostly negative. Who could have known that blogging would have such an effect on my attitude? Not me, that is for sure.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Going Home

     So this term is almost over, which is weird - but oh so very exciting. And needless to say, I am soooo excited to come home! I leave this Friday, after I take my finals and clean my dorm of course, but then I am Home Free! and what a blissful feeling that is. I get to stay home for two weeks and I can already tell that those weeks will be super busy because (a) I will be spending time with my family, (b) I will be spending time with my friends,(c) I will be finishing up any projects that I started at the beginning of the summer, but never actually had time to finish, like the skirt I am making, (d) I will be uploading all of my pictures and videos and blogging about all the nonsense that we put ourselves through and (e) I will be getting ready for Fall semester. I think my daily naps will have to be put on hold, oh bummer, I do get such joy from them.
    Also, it recently just hit me that all of my friends from high school are going their separate ways, I was the first one to leave, so I never really noticed how much is changing for my group of high school friends. I mostly just thought about how it was changing for me. So many of the boys that are in my grade have got their mission calls already, and people are getting ready to go to school. Weird.
    David stopped by to borrow a pot from me. I do so many kind things for him, like letting him eat my food and spend all manner of hours at my house, and he still won't bow down and worship me. I won't let him take my pot until he tells me how wonderful I am and all sorts of flattery.
    Also, I think that I have come to the conclusion that I like blogs better then Facebook... Mostly I am just stalling because it is fast Sunday and so I cannot eat yet at this point in time and I don't wanna take a nap. Therefore I must distract myself. This is all for the moment though.

Friday, August 5, 2011


   CCJ got his mission call! and for some odd, strange, weird reason he did not even open the letter upon first seeing it. So when he called me and told me, he hadn't even opened it yet but he had it. Well naturally I rattled off my predictions of where he was going to go. I said he was either going to Salt Lake City, Utah; Gilbert, Arizona (the city right next to where we are both from and they are pretty much the same); or Argentina. After I talked to him, I called my mother and informed her of his mission call but lack of information of where he was going. She predicted state-side or Spanish speaking. My roommate Loryn predicted Australia - which I think would be awesome because then he would come back with a really wonderful accent. My other roommate, Miyako predicted an Asian mission; David said Central America or somewhere Spanish speaking; and a girl that CCJ works with said Brazil.
     Well despite my best efforts to try and get him to open it when he first told me that he had it and while he was on the phone with me, he didn't. But today he texted me that he peeked just about an hour ago. If I was him I would have peeked so long ago, or opened it all the way. So pretty much he knew where he was going and everything without ever opening it fully or telling anyone, not even his mother. Anyway, the exciting news is that he got his mission call! and that my mother was correct. He got called to the Tampa, Florida mission. He leaves November 16th and is English speaking! AAAHHH I am so excited for him! YAHOOOOO for missionary work!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tech Savvy... Not

K, I don't know if I am just ridiculously technologically disabled, or if there is something wrong with my computer, or if my memory card is the wrong size, or something that my lack of technology knowledge just cannot think up; but my memory card will not go into my computer. This is unfortunate because I want to blog about things and have pictures of them at the same time... If someone happens to be smart (or just smarter than me), you should help. That would be divine.
Oh, my lack of knowledge on all things computer is indeed a shame.