Friday, September 30, 2011

The Y

 I think that my career of being at BYU is over after this semester. I have no great love for this school and I would be perfectly fine with leaving it and going on another adventure. Except the adventure that I think that I am going to do next is to move back home and to go to MCC and then go to their Dental Hygienist school. I actually really like this idea/plan, except that my blog will have to be changed in name or I will just have to discontinue it and  I will be going from BYU to MCC. Lame. Also, I would be living at home again - but actually I don't think that would be that bad. I know that I can live away from the family and I know that I can live with roommates and such so it might be a little bit difficult to move back home after being used to not living at home (if I do this plan, of course). This is the plan for now at least. I will let you know if it is going to change... Would I make a good Dental Hygienist?

Friday, September 23, 2011


I just wish that I was not a poor college student with no money so that I could buy all of these wonderful clothes!!!
Also I am mostly just excited for Fall so that I can wear cardigans and jackets and scarves and all manner of warm and compfy and cute clothes.

I love owls!

Usually I don't really have any desire for TOMS, but I like these!

I think that I want to wear skirts and dresses more often.

Sorry for this terribly long post about all these clothes that I just wish that I could wear...
One day when I get rich, I will be able to own all of these things and it will be awesome!