Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

So the other day, I watched this movie.
It was wonderful. And, indeed, it has moved to my top 5 favorite chick flicks of all time.
In fact, I loved it so much, that I went on Amazon and bought myself a copy.
Which is strange, I don't like spending money, so I usually avoid doing it.
This movie was so worth it though.
If you like funny movies and have never seen this one, I definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested.
Ah, I just feel happy thinking about it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pearls and Lace

I have recently come to the realization that I love pearls and lace.
And when I get bored, I like to google things that make me happy: pearls and lace
Here are some pictures that i found and liked.

I guess they are my strange new fascination...
Hmmmm... perhaps when I get married there will be lots of pearls and lace.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shower Art! And Stalling Tactics

Today I drew a picture of a sail boat
While I was in the shower
On the shower wall
With my hair!
I truly hope my roommates notice it tomorrow.

Also I learned that I am really good at stalling when I don't want to write a paper.
I draw pictures of Voldemort and put him on my fridge.
Tomorrow when I am stalling again, I think I am going to draw Harry Potter.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


   So today after ward prayer, the three friends that I have in my ward that are not my roommates came over to our apartment. David, who is a hilarious big Mexican boy, was getting mad at his roommate Phil who is a sweetie pie. David was doing the arguing so it was pretty much hilarious. To hide my laughter I put my hair in my face like I was smelling it, which for some reason really bothers David. So he says to Phil, "Look what you made Rachel do! She is smelling her hair like Bella Swan. That hair sniffer."
    Well needless to say, I was somewhat offended by this statement because who in their right mind would like to be compared to Bella Swan? So to this I asked when Bella even smells her hair and David said, "The part where Edward is acting like she smells really bad so she smells her hair and thinks nope, it smells of strawberries." To this statement I replied, "I am not even like Bella Swan because my hair is blond, I am not dating a vampire, and my best friend is not even a werewolf." And then (This is the whole point of my story) David replied, "Yes, because I am your best friend and I am a werewolf." And then I shouted out with joy because ever since I met David it has been my (not-so) secret dream that we would become best friends because this boy is HILARIOUS! So that is all my story. And what a good one it was.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The First 2 Weeks

   So basically I am just starting up this blog because my best bud, Miya, told me to blog about all of my happenings up here at BYU. Also, it is a Sunday afternoon with nothing really to do.
  This Sunday marks the beginning of my third week of being in school this summer, and I can already tell that I have grown so much by my experiences that I have had. My daily walks of three miles a day help my legs get muscley and sometimes even sore. Yes, I am that weak. But those walks are a blessing in disguise because now I don't even have to feel obligated or pressured to exercise. In this case, my legs have hopefully shrunk instead of grown, but who knows? Not me.
  Also one of my teachers is attractive. It is really weird. I should not even be attracted to one of my instructors (he isn't really a professor) because that is disgusting. And the best part is.... he has red hair. I love red hair. But I kinda wish he was ugly because I get a little weirded out that I find this man attractive - even if he does have red hair.
  On Friday while I was walking to campus I saw four hot-air balloons! and I realized that riding in a hot air balloon is my dream along with learning how to blow glass. I was told today that there was one of darth vader's head and I am so jealous that I didn't even see that one. The pig that I saw does not even compare.
   So I have been to three weeks of this single ward business and so far I do like it, except that the lesson in relief society always goes back to being a wife and mother. Goodness gracious! I am 18 years old! I graduated from high school like 2 days ago (or like a month ago, but same thing really). I do not even need to focus on marriage at this moment. I know that the prophets say that marriage is the number one priority, but perhaps not when you are so young I am thinking. There is like 10 laurels in my ward too and they just go to relief society with the rest of us, and it is kinda ridiculous that they hear so much about marriage when they can't even vote yet.
   Well that is it I think, except that I miss my buds and all my nieceeees and nephie-poos, but I hear that they get a kick out of the high heels that I left home.