Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Uni.... corns that is

Haha Get it. One corn, Uni-corn. bahah I am so funny. Why am I not a comedian?
But seriously now, I love me some unicorns.

This particular picture of a unicorn just made me laugh because it is so hilarious and pink and glittery, with flowing hair and all.

This particular one has a rainbow in the background!!
hahaah loved it!

This picture just makes me wish that I had a pet unicorn.

I would like to color this picture some day I think. It is awesome.

This picture was on pinterest and dang. That kid is cool.
I definitely wish that I had a Unicorn Bike.
It would be almost as cool as a real live Unicorn.

I saw these stuffed Unicorns at Smiths on my birthday and I thought they were awesome.
I was walking around the whole store holding them,
I even made them gallop a few times.
I was with my roommate.
I think that she was embarrassed to be seen with me.
It was great.
Also I hope that you notice the background.
Ice cream section. YUM. Best section in the whole store.
In any store really.

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