Saturday, December 10, 2011

That Awkward Moment

So last night we went to Temple Square and it was wonderful!
So much fun!
And we invited some lovely girls from our ward to come back and have a girls' night with us after
Except we only knew one of them,
We didn't really know her roommate, but we invited both of them anyway.
Well when they came over, one of the girls had to leave because she had a hot date.
And the roommate that none of us really knew stayed.
She was super awesome, so nice and we had lots of fun.
But the second that she left,
Me and Tori looked at each other and said, "What is her name?"
Hahah we had spent the night with her and none of us were aware of her name.
So sad.
Luckily we have a ward directory, also known as the "menu"
We found out her name and felt like horrible human beings.
Sad, I know.
But you can't just ask someone their name when they have been chillin at your apartment for a few hours.
That is that awkward moment when you know that you don't know some one's name,
but you are also aware of the fact that you can't just ask them their name.

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